1) Lush & Plush Succulent Miniscapes
Our miniscapes are a collection of succulents that have been curated to create an eye-pleasing arrangement of colors and textures. They are easy to maintain because we make sure to choose plants that have similar requirements to one another, ensuring your garden will thrive.

2) What are succulents?

According to Wikipedia, succulents are plants that have some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. Many succulents come from dry areas such as steppes, semi-desert and desert

3) Cactus vs Succulents – what’s the difference?
Surprise! Cactuses are a type of succulent since they fall under the same plant description (see #1), and are simply a sub-category under the general succulent group. But not all succulents are cactuses.

4) How do I care for these arrangements?
Succulents are really easy to care for! They only need a drink of water once every 2-3 weeks (4 for office environments).

Using a nozzled bottle or straw, aim water at the rootballs and give it one squeeze per pot or one strawful per plant. As indoor plants, keep them in a bright, airy location and give them as much light as possible and they’ll be happy for a long time!

5) Do we need to repot the plants?
We’ve done all the work for you so all you need to do is enjoy your arrangement for now! You might only need to repot them in a year when the plants outgrow their existing pot.

6) Ordering Process
Please allow us 1-3 working days to process your online order. We’ll also be contacting you to let you know when you can deliver/collect your items, which might range from 3 – 7 days.

Why so long? All our arrangements are made to order. They are then given 5-7 days to adapt and root in their new pots so they arrive to you happy and healthy! So we appreciate your patience!

7) Do you do delivery?
Yes we do! Delivery is charged at $10 for a single address within Singapore. Alternatively, self-collection is free! We are located at Ang Mo Kio Street 21.

Do note that there will be a re-delivery fee incurred should you miss the courier or leave no out-of-home instructions.

8) Where do I key in my promocode?
You'll be able to find the promocode field under "Shipping" after you've keyed in your customer information.

9) Returns
We do not offer returns on live plants, but we will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. Please contact us with any concerns at hello@lushnplush.com